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Image: Caroline Daly "When I feel a bout of Francophilia coming on, it's not a burgundy I seek out or a Hermes tie or even a story by Maupassant, it's Caroline Daly whose beautiful voice and way around a French lyric transports me to the Left Bank! Listen to this album and join me there!"


"Caroline Daly is an energetic, spontaneous, engaging and fun loving entertainer who understands the music and her role as an artist. She knows how to play to a room, making all feel she is singing to them. Her choice of musicians is impeccable giving her a wave to ride upon and ride the wave she does. Listening to Ms Daly is a fresh, clean energizing experience."
- Lujira Cooper, Pumpkins Jazz Club Brooklyn N.Y

"During the last few years, Australian imports have made quite an impact on the American entertainment scene with the likes of Mel Gibson, Paul Hogan, Olivia Newton John and Peter Allen, world class talents, spiked with style and individualism! Now here they come again! This time in the shapely form of multifaceted jazz - cabaret vocalist Caroline Daly! A sultry voiced singer who mixes her own club style with an exciting blend of high quality jazz. I caught her at Pumpkins, the famous Brooklyn bistro,accompanied by some of the best including world renowned saxophonist Harold Ousley and master percussionist Sabor. Her taste and material was delightful... Her rendition of "Angel Eyes" was a masterpiece and when she moved into Foggy Day, you could actually visualize London Town. Remember the name Daly, Caroline Daly, she's here to stay!"
Artists-in-Action, New York, December 2001

We kept hearing about Caroline Daly - CD this, CD that. It seemed like she was everywhere all at once - Pumpkins, Chez Suzette, Roses Turn, Cornelia St Cafe, sitting in at the Upover, Blue Note, Cotton Club, you name it. I have to admit we were curious. When we finally got to hear her, we understood what the hullabaloo was about. She's the real deal! Refreshingly different with style, smile and talent to spare. If you haven't heard her yet, Make Caroline Daly your next stop"
Miles Davis Museum Jazz Review, September 2002

"Last Sunday at the Celebrity Room, North Sydney Leagues Club,the Diva from Down Under back from the U.S.A. sadly for only a few months, not only sang to the Brazilian beat, but wowed the crowd, kicking up her heels dancing!
She was ably accompanied by Mr. Toni Leoni (Australian Latin dance champion)

Farewell Caroline! We shall sorely miss you!
Latinas Australia Association, June 2005